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This is where we share first hand stories written by some pretty epic champions - some real deal experiences from both sheros and heros.

We're not going to lie - it's going to get pretty raw and real here. The stories are about living through hard struggle but finding a way through and ultimately - being overcomers and thriving. We hope that through these people’s stories, you are inspired and empowered to conquer your circumstances to live free and thrive - becoming the hero you really are.

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My name is Sheree. My illness is not one that I talk about with many, nor one that is visible to the naked eye. I have been walking through a difficult journey of battling Lyme Disease since I was 5 years old - but I did not discover what it was until I was 22 years old. Growing up, I was never debilitated from this disease - I simply had repeated cases of mystery sicknesses similar to “strep throat,” but not actually strep, and I was often fatigued and brain fogged more than others kids my age. For the most part, I was still a very normal and “healthy” kid that was able to play, have fun, and continue through...

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